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Appreciating Singapore's beauty

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Even though Singapore is a small country, I always end up finding new things to admire in Singapore every time I visit the country.

Sunset view from the Pinnacle@Duxton

I've been to Singapore multiple times already but for this trip, the highlight would be the Pinnacle @ Duxton. I thought that you could only see a good panoramic view of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands but I was wrong. This place has a better view of Singapore than Marina Bay Sands. This place might not have an infinity pool but it has a peaceful atmosphere and you can a good bird's eye view of Singapore. See some photos below :)

I can't remember how much the admission fee is but it's not that much. However, you would need to have a transport card or something like that to enter the building, as they would use it to register your access for the rooftop.

One more place that amazed me this time is the building just right outside of Bugis Station (Sorry I forgot the name :( ) . If you look up at the right place, you would get a good view of the buildings around it.

And here are some shots from Arab Street, LIttle India, and Chinatown.

Thanks again for reading up until this point! I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

This is me from the Pinnacle @ Duxton!!

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