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Bird's eye view of Osaka City

If you want to have a good bird's eye view of Osaka City, Umeda Sky Building is the best place to go.

If you are 1.) a fan of landscapes and heights 2.) In Osaka, Japan, then this is a place that I recommend that you put in your to go list.

Umeda Sky Building has a really nice bird's eye view of Osaka City and the view is always breathtaking may it be day or night, but for me the perfect timing is just before when the night gets dark. That might be the perfect timing for you to take your date up in the observation deck :)

Below are some photos that I took from the observation deck.

The 2 photos below are photos of Umeda Sky Building taken from Osaka station :)

I'll post the location below so you can just use google maps to find out where it is just in case you want to go there :)

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