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Gamcheon - The Machu Pichu of South Korea

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

As a side trip after attending my friend's wedding in Busan, I got to visit one of the most colorful villages I've ever seen, Gamcheon.

If you travel by KTX from Seoul, you can get to this colorful city in just 2.5 hours. I suggest you watch the movie, Train to Busan (부산행), before you go to Busan just so you know what to do if ever a Zombie Apocalypse happens while you are on your way to Busan.

Seoul Station

Anyway, back to Gamcheon cultural village, yes they call it the cultural village, not really sure why but adding those words really help boost tourism.

Wherever you go to this area, you would be amazed with the colors around the area. There are also small cafes where you can relax and just gaze at the beauty of this small village.

One area that I particularly liked was this staircase to Cheon Deok Su (천덕수). I really liked how the made the staircase look like books. Not ever in my mind crossed that this would be a good idea :D This place may be a bit far from the main entrance but it's definitely worth the walk.

Gamcheon is definitely one of the must go to places in Busan and if you appreciate colorful towns, then this should be in your bucket list :)

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