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Library @ Orchard - Library lovers paradise

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Personally, I do not like reading books but I like being surrounded by it. I suppose because it makes me feel smart :D. I found this paradise for library lovers in Singapore while I was trying to look for a good place to work.

This place is perfect for people who want to have a quite place to study or work. The place is quiet so it will be easy for you to focus on your own stuff. Plus, there is a table where you can plug your laptop, phones, etc. so you can stay here for a long time. The library itself closes quite late (9PM) so you can live here from morning til night time :D.

What's good also is that it is inside the shopping mall, so in case you get hungry or want to get some coffee, there are tons of places nearby to grab something.

Oh and if you wander a bit to the other side of the library, you may get to see this wonderful sight :)

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