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End your day with Fish & Chips and a pint @ London

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

You have to be one lucky bastard to catch a good weather in London. Nonetheless, the bad weather did not stop me from taking photos :)

I did not have much time to roam around London because I had a tight schedule and my main purpose was not to travel but to seal a deal with a client. 

Anyway, I just really wanted to take a long exposure shot at the BigBen just like the one above. I was really lucky because I took the shot a day before the reconstruction of BigBen started. 

There are lots of places to see in London but unfortunately I couldn’t cover all of them. I could only just cover the ones that were near my hotel. Speaking of my hotel, I would totally recommend staying at Citizen M in Tower Hill. The rooms are not that big but it’s very comfy and you control everything in the room with a tablet!!! Plus, the interior is very nice and if you’re lucky, you can get a room with a good view. They have a nice bar on the top floor as well, it's worth going up there even if you are not up for drinks.

When in London, a stroll along Portobello Market would be nice. You get to see these small shops which sells almost everything London-ish. Also, a lot of people go there to take their selfies in the colorful streets :) It is also a challenge to find the real bookstore that was featured in the movie "Notting Hill".

Being a subway / train enthusiast, I had to take photos at the tube and train stations :)

I did have a side trip to Nottingham as well but wasn't able to take much photos as I was there for a business meeting with a big apparel brand ;)

Only photo I could get in Nottingham :(

And of course the trip won't be complete without some night photos! I'd kick myself in the ass if I did not take night photos because I had to carry a heavy tripod all the way from Tokyo to London.

And when in London, it's always best to end your day with fish & chips and a pint :)

Btw, if you will be going to London and would like to prepare in case of a Zombie apocalypse, I suggest to watch the movie 28 days later. ;)

Can't wait to visit again next year!!

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