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Malacca's Chicken rice ball and others

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Food in Asia never fails me. Wherever I go in Asia, the food just seems to fit my taste. I've only been to Malacca in Malaysia so I really can't say that I've tried the real Malaysian food but even so, Malacca offers a variety of delicious delights.

The Chicken Rice Ball

I've researched on what to eat in Malacca before the trip and most of the sites that I've seen has recommended the chicken rice ball. When you go to Malacca, almost all restaurants that you can find serve the Chicken rice ball. When I got to eat it, I thought that the rice would taste a bit different or it would have something special, but it is just literally, a rice ball. The chicken is quite nice though especially if you use the sauces properly so I think this is still worth trying in Malacca :)

I didn't get to try a lot of different foods in Malacca as I was only there for almost 2 days. But I would really recommend their Char siew meals, it's awesome! and if you're up for something sweet, try to look for the place called Bikini Toppings and try their ice cream. They literally put ice cream inside a coconut! You can see it on the slideshow above :)

Also, if you want to just relax and have some coffee, I would recommend going to the Calanthe art cafe. I really liked the interior of their cafe, it's very artistic and the place has a good atmosphere where you can just relax after walking around Malacca.

This is me at the calanthe art cafe saying thanks for reading up until this part :)

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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