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The drunk ship from Stockholm to Tallinn

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

No, the ship is not drunk, but most of the passengers are, especially the ones coming from Stockholm :)

Ferry trip to Tallinn from Stockholm during mid winter

During my stay in Stockholm 2 years ago for work, I was asked to go to our office in Tallinn to have a meeting with someone in the Tallinn office. Somebody told me at the office that this would be a trip to remember and better expect the unexpected.

When I got my itinerary, I thought that I was going to go there via airplane, but instead I realized that I would be going there by sea. I was surprised and glad at the same time because one does not usually travel via ferry to another country especially from where I am from.

So D day, I arrived at the port a bit early and it felt like it was just going to be a normal overnight ferry trip. The ferry left Stockholm port just before dinner time and was expected to arrive to Port of Tallinn the next morning.

When the ferry left, I went to my cabin, left my bags and explored around the ferry. It was much better than I expected, it had a big casino, club, proper restaurants, playpen, shopping areas, and places for connecting to the internet, which forced me to do work while on the ferry.

Everything was normal and peaceful, not until the point where the night got darker. That's when the people got crazier, music got louder, and people were just partying all over the ferry! :D I even tried to sleep in my cabin but it was impossible as the walls were so thin and you can actually hear drunk people partying from inside the cabin, so I was forced to go with the flow and drank until we arrived to Tallinn.

Someone told me that usually people from Sweden get to this ferry just to get drunk and buy cheap alcohol. I suppose it did make sense because a pint in Sweden would cost around 6~8 euros? It was bloody expensive, compared to the alcohol that you can get in the ferry because it is tax free so it is more or less half the price.

It was really an experience worth remembering :D I lost about 100 EUR at the casino, watched the live match between Bayern Munich and Juventus with a drunk European spirit, got alcohol from underaged kids. Also, being the only Asian on the ferry trip, I felt like a celebrity or a criminal with all the eyes watching me :D

Anyway, when I arrived in Tallinn and finished up my work. I got the chance to go around the city. I only got to visit the old town in Tallinn but I was really satisfied with just going over there. It felt like I was in a movie scene and the snow was hitting hard so the area really looked magical.

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