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2.5 hours in Bangkok

Eat local food, see a bit of the city, pass by a couple of ladyboys and make new friends, in just 2.5 hours. :)

I was supposed to have an 8 hour stop over in Bangkok and thought it would've been enough to go around the city for a couple of hours, but at that time, luck was not at my side and my flight got delayed for over 2 hours. So it just left me with 2.5 hours to roam in Bangkok. Risky but worth it.

Just in case I would not miss my flight, I had to set a timer. It felt like I was participating in the Amazing Race. (Not really sure if a lot of you guys still remember or know about that show. It was awesome!! )

The train from the airport to city is quite convenient so 2.5 hours was enough because I didn't have to worry about the traffic. Also, 2.5 hours was enough to see the city a bit, eat some local Thai food, and meet some new friends (and ladyboys along the way).

Unfortunately, I was not able to take a selfie with ladyboys :( Maybe next time! :)

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