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Stockholm - a winter wonderland

2 years ago, I had the privilege of going to Sweden and stay there for a month during mid-winter. Not once in my life did I imagine myself going to that part of the world so everything I saw and experienced in there absolutely blew me away.


During my stay there, the average temperature everyday was almost -10 degrees and it was snowing almost everyday, which was very nice because I grew up in a tropical country where one would never imagine how snow feels like. That’s why for an asian who grew up only knowing the scorching heat of the sun, the snow made everything nice. The snow covered parks, houses, building, etc. looked magnificent as if I was in the movies.

Old town is one of the biggest highlights of the city so I did spend a lot of time exploring that area and I also went to random places in Stockholm which are not written in any travel blogs, articles, magazines, etc. I remember there is this one place I went to after a futsal match which I thought was a big garden, because the name of the place literally had the word ”garden” in it. It was “Skogskyrkogården“. I explored the area at night, the area was quite dark and there were only a few lamp posts that lit the area which gave it an interesting eerie. The more I explored, the more I got curious about the area and decided to google the place. Then I found out that it was a cemetery and it gave me the chills so I immediately rushed back to the nearest station :D You can find the place in the area below:

After researching more about the area days after, found out that the place isn’t that spooky after all. (

I’ve been there for a month but I felt like it wasn’t long enough. I really hope that i can go back and visit that amazing city again and meet again the wonderful people that I’ve met there.

Arlanda Airport - even the airport is a must see

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